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A World So Fixed

What could change in a world so fixed? a ship laid anchor ages ago but still its captain wearing his full uniform; the wind at harbor can move naught— want to look ahead in the crow’s nest, it all looks fine as I cry every day land— the oars so shiny, cleaned and...

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Just Get Over Me

If I fight to keep my soul, and the ashes of war keep smoldering under a pile of fallen friends and foes, of dreams forsaken and lives abandoned, of a kneeling generation fooled into submission by throwing unending candy onto the floor— petty prizes to be bought...

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Like sky, drowning into the blue— waves have come and gone changing the very face of the shore, but none of that is ever true— Who is part of whom? Yet what does it matter? blue has never been our color but together creating a majestic scene for some, that might have...

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Tame Me

Don’t tame me! My heart is wild; my measures of love are not measured by your sanity— your common sense is too common for me, just let me be a lonely spirit waking every day hungry for a start, for none shall remain from the day before— a new story begins at dawn for...

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I’m running naked as the sky the fields, the crops overgrown sweat beads no more deliberately formed on a wrinkled forehead so tired of looking to see the road ahead having abided by every law, I’ve marching for days and nights, one by one like leaves of fall they...

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War Child

Spotted in no man’s land searching the dead picturing a future junk yard with him in the middle an everlasting element something to sell and perhaps something edible no sell-by date can frighten that old hunger in this young skinny belly a monster terrified more. I...

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Just Be Positive and Shut Up

It is very negative not to be positive the whole time. Think of good stuff and you shall have it every day of your life. You may have a family of your own, children maybe, or a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a father, a sister or a brother, or anyone you may care about. Be...

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Drop another bomb for something’s wrong down there in the fog of war going on drop another bomb a child’s running scared but children are no children in this part of town they cut their cords and walk from day one young lads at two decoys at four armed and ready at...

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To Become, To Be

To become, to be what else does it take but a strong will makes way to a coming hurricane who else does it take in a world full of tools among those fools but me To take a journey or whine and a drink poured dry in a bottomless glass to fill the memory with mist alas...

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The world is full of woo– everybody knows who they want to be but nobody knows who's who; the world is full of hearts yet few are beating straight and true; the nose of Cruz the Kidman's arms, the Jolie's legs, somebody’s breast and butt and lips, someone else’s...

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