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Colors are everywhere around us. They tell us time and weather; they let us know if others are angry or sick; they show when the food is well done and ready to be taken out of the oven; they show drivers, who respect the traffic law, when to stop and when to go. There are tons of other useful applications of colors in our lives, but in Artistic Breeze Series, this is not exactly our major concern.

Colors have always been linked to the beautiful and the ugly, yet at the same time, there is no one beautiful color and another ugly color. It is all a matter of perspective, a vantage point humans enjoy after millions of years of evolution to a level we can perceive colors like no other creatures on this planet can do. No specific guidelines can be given, and no taste manual to define colors; you just feel it. Maybe, what physics says that there are no colors at all in nature tells a little about the involvement of human experience in the interpretation of colors, what they mean, and how they make us feel.

Colors have marked the path for one of the unique signatures in the history of this planet. This signature embodies the very essence of the passionate journey of this species of ours; only humans care about their names to last across the centuries; only humans care about commemorating their bloodthirsty victories; only humans care about being remembered as young forever; only humans can be intrigued by symbols and mysterious drawings. Tons of different inexplicable reasons with only one common logic for their being at all and that is that they do exist. One of the major ways to accomplish all that complicated vision for this life was art. Art has been a part of everything in our history on this planet, and colors have been an inseparable part of it.

There are many forms of art, yet visual art will be the focus of Artistic Breeze Series. Visual arts are like music in terms of the universality of the language. However, different areas of the world have different perspectives of what art really means. One thing for sure is that the notion of beauty has always been so different in different parts of the world at different times. The message has always been crystal clear that there is no one definition of beauty just as there is no one definition of art, yet this very notion is threatened now in the age of globalization when civilizations do not meet anymore but melt into each other. Unfortunately, the result is not always so pleasant. All these ideas and questions along with many others including the appreciation of art not from the perspective of an expert, but a human being who is trying to seek beauty in everything around will be the quest of Artistic Breeze Series.

In Artistic Breeze Series, we will talk about artists, their works, and their lives. We will talk about eras and some great changes in the history of art. We will talk about what art has to do with our daily lives and more. Yet what does that have to do with writing? The answer is simple. A hungry writer always seeks beauty everywhere, and being in the realm of art will definitely inspire some words on this blank paper. I hope you feel the connection.

Anyway, no one can assume to be able to identify the best paintings in history, but this video includes some of the most admired paintings in modern human history. You may agree with this beautiful selection, or you may have your own preferences, but this is but a taste of what the majestic world of art has to offer as it is a world full of inspiration for writing and for life.

My personal favorite is Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss.



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